Devendra Shah

Vice President of R&D

Devendra Shah is Vice President of R&D at Teligent where he leads the product and analytical development of our topical and Injectable products. He has over 25 years of experience leading R&D teams engaged with drug product development and development and validation of analytical methods for regulatory filings. His development portfolio includes experience with API, oral, topical and sterile dosage forms.

Devendra has been working at Teligent since June 2010, incrementally expanding his responsibility from Manager of Analytical Development to Director of Product Development. Before joining Teligent, Devendra led the Analytical Development department at Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and Actavis Totowa LLC.

Devendra holds an MS in Organic Chemistry from the M.S University of Baroda, India.

William Graham has joined Teligent in October of 2020 to run the quality organization.  William comes with prior experience running quality at Renaissance Pharmaceuticals and West-Ward Pharmaceuticals.  He will play a key part in maintaining and promoting a quality-first mindset in all that we do at Teligent.

General Manager & Vice President of Operations

Antonio Di Nicola joined Teligent Inc. as the General Manager and Vice President of Operations at Teligent, Buena sterile manufacturing facility in May 2019. He has over 30 years of experience in managing and directing functional teams engaged in the aseptic manufacturing process of parenterals, ointments, nasal spray, and ophthalmic products. His successes include managing and implementing several initiatives to increase efficiencies and plant productivity.

Before joining Teligent, Antonio has held positions of increased responsibility, which include Plant Manager at Renaissance, LLC, Director of Operations at DPT Labs, Director of Operations at West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, Associate Director of Manufacturing at Baxter Healthcare, and Manager of Product Compliance at Wyeth-Ayerst.

Antonio holds a BS in Nautical and Maritime Science from the Italian Naval Academy.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing
General Manager, Canada

Mark Mantel

Mark joined Teligent in 2018 as our General Manager of Canada. In this role, he is responsible for customer engagement, product development, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and building our vision for Teligent Canada. In addition, he actively liaisons with our supplier partners and European colleagues to drive integration across our business units.


In 2019 Mark undertook new responsibilities and is now leading our North American Commercial Sales and Marketing Group in addition to his role as General Manager in Canada. In this role, Mark is responsible for delivering global sales results, new customer development, new product launch execution, and new channel development in all Teligent commercial markets.

Mark also works closely with our operations group at our manufacturing facility in New Jersey to ensure quality of supply, new product development, and growth of the newest topical and injectable facility in the USA.

Mark has gained experience from multiple industries, such as working with Coca Cola, Campbell’s Soup, Roche Diagnostics, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, and Mint Pharmaceuticals.

Mark is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a certificate in Marketing Management.